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As our Managed IT-Services and Solutions Provider we understand that any business relying on computers and the internet to accomplish daily tasks need a virtualization system. 

Email Support

Email IT Services are designed to help those users who are either unable to access their account, unfortunately facing any issue, or if their email is going through an error.

Data Backups

Managed IT Services and Solutions Providers like IT Greenville can Backup and protect your data for applications, files, and servers that are configured, administered, and monitored, on your company’s systems.

Web Support

Your business website is like a car, if it’s not regularly maintained and serviced, it will eventually break down.

Find Success in Virtual Environments

What can Managed IT-Services and Solutions Providers offer your business?

We have the experience to customize virtual environments to meet specific business needs.

Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual version of something instead of a physical version, such as an operating system or server.  A simplified example of this concept is creating multiple partitions on a single hard drive.  While there is only one physical hard drive, the operating system sees this setup as two distinct logical hard drives.

In the IT world, virtualization has exploded over the last few years and offers more efficient use of existing hardware.  The following areas highlight how virtualization is being used today:

  • Network virtualization allows complex networks to be segmented into channels for easier manageability.
  • Storage virtualization pools multiple storage devices and makes them available as a single storage device that is centrally managed.
  • Server virtualization maximizes the physical capacity of the available hardware and allows for easy migration to new hardware.


How does a Virtualization benfit my company?

One of the best things about the virtualization of businesses is the fact that businesses of all sizes and operations have access to the systems and support that large-scale companies benefit from. Server virtualization is a technology that helps your business save money and increase IT efficiency.

What types of Virtualization are available?

There are three types of virtualization strategies that can improve your business’s operations and simplify its infrastructure:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Virtual Desktops 

How does Virtualization save my company money?

Virtualization of servers reduces operating and energy costs. Using fewer servers means your company’s data center and hardware are not generating heat and sucking power. When you virtualize your business, your power bills will not be as painful.

Also, security and malware plans are expensive. When there is a security breach, eradication and recovery are even more costly. Virtualization is an inexpensive, yet comprehensive, way to identify, eliminate and prevent cyber-attacks and security risks.

Email Hosting and IT-Support

Clearly, email is still a force for communication.

You might be asking why would you need email hosting?  We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host email. Through our partnership with, we can offer Email Hosting and IT-Support on our own servers, as well as, cloud-based email solutions. By doing this we can make it easier to fix problems, help your email run faster, and keep track of anything you need us to. We have multiple platforms that support exchange, webmail, SMTP, POP, and IMAP protocols. We utilize state-of-the-art spam-blocking procedures to protect our email customers. That way you never lose anything important that was emailed to you.

Managed IT-Services and Solutions Provider, Virtualization, Email Support, Web Support, IT-Consulting, IT-Greenville, Greenville SC
Managed IT-Services and Solutions Provider, Virtualization, Email Support, Web Support, IT-Consulting, IT-Greenville, Greenville SC

Managed IT-Services and Solutions Provider Can Offer:

Offsite Data Backup at is important for the right Infrastructure.

Backing up your data is a critical part of your IT-Support strategy.  In the past, this meant that someone had to deal with multiple tapes and wasted time making sure that the scheduled backups were run every day. With the introduction of cloud computing, you can now automatically perform data backups across the Internet without the hassles involved with local backups. One major drawback, however, is the amount of time it takes to perform the initial backup or a full restore after a catastrophic failure. Many factors affect the amount of time that it takes for this initial backup, including the amount of data and your Internet upload speed. It is not uncommon for the initial backup to take weeks to complete.

We have developed a creative solution to solve this problem. Using server virtualization, we offer a backup solution that can be run onsite for the initial backup or full restore, but functions from the cloud for everyday use. You get the ease of use of a cloud-based backup solution without some of the major drawbacks.

Web Hosting and IT-Support

IT-Services –

Through our partnership with, we offer affordable, scalable, robust web hosting in the cloud.  Our solution includes regular Data Backups and IT-Support from knowledgeable IT-Professionals.  Whether you need simple web hosting on our shared cloud server or your own high-availability, quickly scalable server instance, we can help.

Managed IT Services and Solutions Provider, IT-Support, IT-Infrastructure, Data Backup, Maintenance, Malware Removal, IT-Greenville, Greenville SC

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