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Hello, and Welcome to IT-Greenville! Our team is here to help educate and support all your company’s IT needs. Whether it’s an integration of old and new technologies or learning a whole new system, IT-Greenville has what it takes to maximize profits and increase your business’s efficiency.

Our Story

First, since the early dates in 1999, IT-Greenville has always been about bringing new and innovative technologies to the businesses across the Upstate of South Carolina.

Secondly, we have a set mission to educate our clients with IT-Consulting so they can make the best-informed decision when choosing IT-Services that work best for their company.

Along the way, Greenville SC, Technology, and our company have grown in size and complexity. As a Greenville area-based IT-Support company, IT-Greenville has had the privilege of working with dozens of local and national businesses such as Big Gun Robotics, East Coast Components, Clearwater Pools, Greenville Dental Studios, Intellisoft, Liquid Video Technologies, and more.

We realize every client and their technology IT-Support needs are different. That’s why we custom-designed IT-Support packages that are set for the specific needs of every client. Our goal is to provide the best combination of  Design, Installation, and Maintenance while educating our clients.

We can help you take your company from a pipe dream to a full-fledged revenue-producing business with our IT-Consulting.

Our Values

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Our Methodology

IT-Greenville’s methodology for IT-Consulting takes three steps to analyze, prioritize thoroughness, ensure optimal adoption, and deliver long-term, sustainable results.

We take the time to review and Design Your IT-Support Systems and needs.

  • We meet with management and your team to review and define the current systems and processes that are being utilized for day-to-day operations security, technology, and any other system that may impact operations or output. Before we research possible IT-Solutions and provide recommendations for New System(s), New Integrations, and processes, to increase your company’s efficiency.

With an IT-Support Design in place, we move on to the Installation of new systems and /or integrations.

  • These new systems and /or Integrations should improve the efficiency of your company and save you money.

Finally, We move into the Maintenance phase of your IT-Support Plan.

  • Now that your existing Network has been updated and new integrations have been installed. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and maintain your systems with minimal disruption. This can be done either remotely or by an on-site visit.


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