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Design, Installation, Maintenance
Start Forging Your Company’s Path Today! With IT-Infrastructure to meet your needs.


With our Managed IT-Services, we can take the burden of IT issues off of your shoulders and free you to run your business.


We provide general IT-Support for many of our clients, to let them run their businesses.


Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual version of something instead of a physical version, such as an operating system or server.

Find Success With Personalized IT-Support by Design

We have the experience to custom design your IT-Infrastructure to meet their specific business needs.

Far too many times, customers come to us having been sold an IT package, from another source, that does not meet their needs. Many have been sold an inadequate IT-Infrastructure, while others are sold a solution that is just simply overkilled, for their needs. Both of these are expensive mistakes. Let IT-Greenville help you design a solution that meets your current and foreseeable needs, while not selling you infrastructure and services that you do not need.

IT-Greenville – What to Expect!

How does my company benfit from a IT Support plan?

IT-Support plans should include pre-arranged pricing for IT-Services, like Emergency IT-Support. Without pre-arranged pricing, you may be required to pay large fees for immediate help restoring your services. 

Can IT-Greenville help me to find the right systems for my business?

Yes, IT-Greenville has years of experience in IT-Consulting and evaluating a company’s current software needs and helping them plan for the future.

What kind of IT Support does my company need?

Not all IT-Support plans are the same just like no two companies are the same. IT-Greenville , however, will be happy to custom design an IT-Support plan that works for your company’s needs and budget.

Installation That is Right For Your Company?

After determining your IT-Infrastructure needs, our team of professionals can install your new network.  From server installation to network hardware and wiring, we have you covered.  Our technicians can wire your new construction or existing structure for your new network.  In addition, we can also help with any of your other low voltage wiring needs like a fire alarm, burglar alarm, access control, and video surveillance.

Can IT-Greenville help me with my Security Alarm Sysytems?

Yes, IT-Greenville has skilled technicians with years of experience in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Door and Window Alarms, and much more.

Can IT-Greenville help link my internal office systems togther?

Yes, where possible IT-Greenville can merge your current systems together and make suggestions for upgrading to new systems that are compatible with each other when older systems are not.

Does IT-Greenville manage and/or maintain the systems they install?

Yes, IT-Greenville can and does service the systems we install. We can either remote into the system from our offices or access it by an on-site portal to update the systems and make changes.  

Personalized Maintenance for your unique IT-Infrastructure.

IT-Maintenance of your Infrastructure is just as important as having the right Infrastructure.

Are you experiencing issues with your existing network?  Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and solve these issues with a minimum of disruption to your business. We have the knowledge and tools to solve problems with your server, network hardware, desktop, and laptop computers, and even network wiring and Security Systems.

Our Methodology

IT-Greenville’s methodology takes three steps to analyze, prioritize thoroughness, ensure optimal adoption, and deliver long-term, sustainable results.

We take the time to review and Design Your IT-Support  Systems and needs.

  • We meet with management and your team to review and define the current systems and processes that are being utilized for day-to-day operations security, technology, and any other system that may impact operations or output. Before we research possible IT-Solutions and provide recommendations for New System(s), New Integrations, and processes, to increase your company’s efficiency.

With an IT-Support  Design in place, we move on to the Installation of new systems and /or integrations.

  • These new systems and /or Integrations should improve the efficiency of your company and save you money.

Finally, We move into the IT-Maintenance phase of your IT-Support  Plan.

  • Now that your existing Network has been updated and new integrations have been installed. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and maintain your systems with minimal disruption. This can be done either remotely or by an on-site visit.

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